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“Brilliant Woman” Canvas Print

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For you and the brilliant women in your life. x 

Full Text Reads:

“You are so brilliant. The ideas and dreams swimming inside that mind of yours are so incredible and unique. The way you think about things, contemplate ideas, and talk about them inspires so many others. Brilliant woman, never forget just how powerful your mind truly is. Everything in the world first comes from a thought. Everything. Every business, every invention, every idea— they all come from the mind first. We need your ideas, we need your brilliant light. We need you.”

-Nikki Banas

About the “Women Canvas” Set:

I created this set of stunning canvas prints to remind you and the other women in your life of your beauty, power, brilliance, kindness, creativity, and strength. I hope they serve as a reminder for you and the other incredible women in your life just how much you are valued, cherished, and needed.

Brilliant Woman quote print written and designed by Nikki Banas.

Woman line art by the incredibly talented Valeriia Tomofi.


Canvas is 8x12 inches (20x30cm)

Canvas is .8-1.2 inches (2-3 cm) thick.

Canvas frame made from FSC ® certified wood. 

Shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage!