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I wanted to create a space where we can meet more intimately and connect deeper. A space for us to find a little more presence, to create a little more intention through our days, to dream a little bigger and feel a little deeper. For us to celebrate our authentic selves a little more.

This space is full of exclusive writings and musings. It's full of the good stuff. The deep stuff. The important stuff. The heartfelt stuff. There is a lot of words, a lot of love. A lot of sweet musings to touch your heart. Tons of encouragement for you to reach to whenever you need. 

I always dreamed of having a place to share with others who love to grow and evolve and bloom. The ones who are overcoming tough things and standing tall in their authenticity. The ones who feel it all a little deeper and are always trying their best. And so, I decided that it was finally time to create this space for us, and you, my beautiful friend, are invited to join this beautiful new space and stay for as long as you like. 

I cannot wait to see you there,
Nikki xx

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