My Latest Book: Soul Waves

"May these words bring peace to the waves within your soul." From the celebrated author of Shine from Within comes a brand new collection of short letters, affirmations, and poems to welcome peace into your heart. In Soul Waves, Nikki Banas offers a stunning collection of writings exploring topics of self worth, expression, growth, love, and others, as well as a chapter of powerful, transformative affirmations to bring joy and peace into your daily life. Comprised of over 150 beautifully written letters, no matter what waves you are facing in your life, there is a piece that will uplift your spirit and bring peace to the waters within your heart.

A few words from readers…

“Simple yet powerful read. I love this book. I keep it where I drink coffee every morning and read a few pages every day. It’s a great book to help you reflect and start your day! I will definitely be getting her previous books!” -Lindsey M.

“I love all of Nikki’s books and use her writings within my Reiki practice. Every page is dog eared with notes written in the margins. I can’t wait until her next one releases!” -MLB

“I love this writer. I use her readings and affirmations in my Yoga classes and my daily life! Gorgeous xx” -Lucy H.

“Inspiring and comforting - an outstanding book in its field. An inspiring read of warmth. Such healing words. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!” -Savva

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Along the Way

After captivating thousands of readers to embrace their own unique light in “Shine from Within”, Nikki Banas returns with her much anticipated second collection of letters in “Along the Way” to inspire boundless light throughout every journey.You will embark on countless unique, life-changing, and transformative journeys throughout your life. Some will last a lifetime and some just a season. Some of them will begin by complete surprise and others will be carefully planned out and measured from the beginning. Some paths you will wish you could walk forever and some you will wish came to an end much sooner. Some will be full of wonderful highs and others will test your strength and courage through its lows. Whether the path you are on right now is easy or difficult, whether it is clear or foggy, whether you are trekking alone or with others, know that there is always, always, so much light, love, magic, and wonder to be found all along the way. So keep your eyes wide, your heart open, and allow yourself to experience all of the beautiful things this life has to offer along the way.

Some words from readers…

“This book is a game changer! I don’t consider myself a reader in the slightest, but I bought this for a friend and ended up reading the entire thing myself!!! She’s also in love with it and I cannot wait to order the first book before this one!” -Tam T.

“Nikki Banas writes beautiful, supportive, and uplifting words and Along the Way is a lovely collection.” -Phoenix

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Shine from Within

"You shine so bright, as you are right now, flaws and faults entirely." The debut book from the rising Instagram writer Walk the Earth offers a remarkable collection of poetry in the form of letters to touch your heart and inspire boundless hope. Nikki Banas speaks directly to your soul with every letter she writes. She reminds you of the light you already hold within and teaches you how to nourish your flame. In Shine from Within, she encourages you to celebrate your own beautiful spirit because only when we all shine our unique lights can we light up the entire night sky.

Some words from readers…

“Buy this book! Empowering, motivating, grounding.” -Emma C.

“Refreshing Read! Positive and Uplifting. Reading this book was so refreshing. Life is often hectic and stressful. It was like taking a mini-vacation. Good read! Thanks Nikki for the positive and encouraging messages. Highly recommended!” -Kenneth S.

“Love, Love, Love This Book! I have returned and bought several copies of this book to give to family and friends. An excellent addition to a personal library!” -Rivet

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